We are open 5pm - 9pm Today.


Margherita £7.95
Cheese & Tomato “The Italian Classic”.
Prosciutto Funghi £8.90
Cheese, Tomato, Ham & Mushroom.
Hawaiian £9.15
Cheese, Tomato, Ham & Pineapple.
Diavola £8.75
Cheese, Tomato, Pepperoni & Jalapeños.
Calzone (add Bolognese Sauce for £2.00) £10.25
Folded with Cheese, Ham, Pepperoni, Mushroom & Tomato Sauce.
Quattro Stagione £9.95
Cheese, Tomato, Ham, Pepperoni, Mushroom & Olives.
Marinara £11.45
Cheese, Tomato, Onion, Peppers & Mixed Seafood.
Speciale (No Seafood) £12.50
Cheese, Tomato & a little bit of everything!
Bolognese £9.95
Cheese, Tomato & topped with a meaty Bolognese sauce.
Pepperoni £10.75
Cheese, Tomato & Pepperoni.
Fiorentina £9.55
Cheese, Tomato, Spinach, Egg, Parmigiano Cheese.
Vegetable £8.95
Cheese, Tomato &Vegetarian Toppings.
Pollo é Mais £10.15
Cheese, Tomato, Chicken & Sweetcorn.
Cosa Nostra £12.95
Cheese, Tomato, Onions, Peppers, pieces of fillet Steak & hot Jalapeños.
Carne Festa £11.95
Cheese, Tomato, Bolognese, Chicken, Ham, Pepperoni & Bacon.

Annual Holiday

The restaurant will be closed for 2 weeks from 


Nov 2018

Seasonal Events.

Amici@Barmston is the perfect venue for the Festive Season.


Dec 2018

Festive Party Nights

On Saturday December 15th & 22nd we will be holding our usual festive...


Dec 2018