Pollo Funghetto £13.45
Chicken fillets in a Garlic cream sauce with Mushrooms, Onions and White Wine.
Pollo Papa £15.95
Chicken llets in a creamy Tomato sauce of Onion, Peppers and King Prawns.
Pollo Bosco £14.10
Chicken fillets in a sauce of Mushroom, Onion and Tomato.
Pollo Riviera £11.95
Breast of Breaded Chicken, deep fried and topped with lashings of Garlic Butter.
Pollo Dolce Vita £14.95
Chicken breast rolled with Bacon and Asparagus, topped with a creamy sauce with wholegrain Mustard, Peppers and Onion.
Pollo Pepe £14.55
Chicken fillets in a sauce of cream, demi-glaze and Green Peppercorns.