Al Pepe £1.75
A Peppered sauce of Cream, demi-glaze and Green Peppercorns.
Rossini £1.75
A creamy sauce of Red Wine, Pâté and Mushrooms.
Dolce Latte £1.75
A creamy Blue Cheese Sauce with creamy Dolce Latte Cheese.
Cacciatora £1.75
A rich Tomato sauce with Mushrooms, Onions and Peppers.
Dolce Vita £1.75
A creamy sauce with Onions and Peppers and a hint of Wholegrain Mustard all topped with Asparagus.
Bordelaise £1.75
A Red Wine reduction with Onions and Peppercorn and brown-demi glaze.
Funghi Cremosi £1.75
Sliced Mushrooms in our own creamy Garlic sauce.
Diana £1.75
A creamy sauce with Mushroom, Onion and Brandy with a touch of Mustard and Tomato.